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  • London Design Biennale 2016

    Wed 7th September 2016

    The Japan Foundation will represent Japan at the first London Design Biennale, which takes place this September at Somerset House...

  • Winds of Change: Staged Readings 2016

    Thu 1st September 2016

    A monthly series of events introducing the work of some of Japan’s most outstanding playwrights, all of which will be heard in English for the first time....

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What's on:

Book Launch & Talk: Making Tea, Making Japan. Kris... Playwright Talk: Toshiki Okada Seminar: One Place After Another - What can periodical ... Japanese Taster for Schools (JTS) Programme – J... Seminar: Takarazuka - A Hundred Years of Song and Dance Artist talk: Seiichi Hayashi in conversation with Ryan ... Special Free Film Screening: The Lovers' Exile Artist talk: Macoto Murayama on Botech Compositions - W... Japan Foundation at Hyper Japan 2014 25/07/14 - 27/07/14 Introduction to new resources for the JF Japanese Sche... Public Seminar - Freeter, the Japanese Precariat: Yout... Public Seminar: The Work of the Visual in Mourning the ... Public Seminar: Tracing Colours and Characters in the W... Young, Fearless & Limitless - Artist talk - Yo Nak... Stamp Rally @ JF Library - Summer 2014 22/07/14 - 29/08/14 Double Bill: Films by Makoto Shinkai Public Seminar - NAGADORO: Rural Life after the Fukushi... Out of Step - Artist talk by contact Gonzo Japan Foundation at Alcon Public Seminar - Always on and connected: young people ... Japanese Taster for Schools (JTS) Programme – S... Public Seminar: Economic Policy and the Welfare State i... Japan Foundation/JGap Japanese Language Teachers' ... LDF Digital Design Weekend: Magnetic Field Record, Koui... Art Meets Design - Talk: Yuri Suzuki x Kouichi Okamoto... Japanese Studies Seminar in Alsace: Call for Participat... Talk: An Introduction to Sake Talk - Gekiga: The Evolution of Alternative Manga Japan Foundation at Japan Matsuri 2014 Artist talk: Yoshitomo Nara Talk: Speaking the Same Language - International Collab... Public Seminar: WORLD LITERATURE, Japanese perspectives Artist talk: Shinro Ohtake Workshop: Let's Catch the Lion - Dobutsu Shogi (A... Public Seminar: Prof AKIRA IRIYE - An Historian Looks a... Public Seminar - Maths-As-It-Could-Be: The life and ph... Japan Foundation at Language Show Live 2014 17/10/14 - 19/10/14 Talk: Building Blocks: Curating Architecture Teacher Training: WJEC Japanese Language Units (QCF) Shinjuku Culture in the 1960s - Talk by Go Hirasawa an... Introduction to "flipped learning" for GCSE J... Public Seminar: 50 Years of the Shinkansen Japan Group Tour Programme for UK Headteachers 25/10/14 - 1/11/14 Public Seminar: The Real Story Behind Japan's Marr... Public Seminar: Online Election Campaigns and Digital D... Public Seminar: The Happy Youth of a Desperate Country Public Seminar: The Role of Education in Disaster Risk ... Artist talk by Satoshi Kitamura in conversation with N... The Truth About...Ninjas - Talk and Demonstration Artist Talk by Aiko Miyanaga Special Film Screening: Ninja Shadow Warriors JF-BATJ Japanese Language Teachers' Seminar: Asses... Bigakko: Anti-Academy - Talk by Alice Maude-Roxby Artist Talk by Riusuke Fukahori Potential of Japanese language education in primary s... Potential of Japanese Language Education in Primary S... J-Basic Online for Teachers 2015 3/02/14 - 23/01/15 Japanese Language Teachers’ Seminar: I Can Writ... Contemporary Art History: Japan - A Book Talk by Hideki... JF@London Anime & Gaming Con Artist talk by Chu Enoki: "Scrap Heap Hero" Artist's Talk: Fujiko Nakaya Make Your Own Japanese Teaching Resources with PowerPoi... The Metamorphosis of Japan After the War Postwar Japan... The Tenth Japanese Speech Contest for University Studen... Japan Conference for Schools 2015 Japanese Studies Post-Graduate Workshop, 2015 Windows on a Modern World: The Role of the Department S... Japanese for Juniors: Learn Japanese through Stamp-Mak... Rethinking 'Japanese' Pop Culture: Transnatio... Workshop: Rethinking 'Japanese' Pop Culture: ... Reality Check: Artist talk by Chim↑Pom Film Screening: KABUKU Behind the Curtain of Contempor... Public Seminar: People Make Places: Empowering Locals t... Japanese from Scratch: Sweet-Talk your way in Japan! Worn with Pride -- Textiles, Kimono, and Propaganda in ... A Lost Art Revived: Tsujigahana, Itchiku Tsujigahana an... Carving the Future - Contemporary Japanese Sculpture To... Screen Translation and the Benshi Tradition in Japan Post 3.11: What Can Art Do? Four Years On: Art and the ... Learn & Teach Primary Japanese! Public Seminar: INEMURI: The Art of Napping in Japan Artist talk by SHIMURAbros Japan Foundation Japanese Language & Culture Course... 15/04/15 - 17/06/15 Nihongo Cup: The Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary ... **2nd chance!** Japanese from Scratch: Sweet-Talk your ... ENDO Shuhei | Architect for a New Era Public Seminar: STEMming the Gender Gap: A New Era for ... Japanese Language Proficiency Test July 2015 Japan Foundation at London Anime & Gaming Con July ... SAKE: Tradition Meets Innovation - The Story of the Fir... Japan Foundation at Hyper Japan Festival July 2015 10/07/15 - 12/07/15 Inside the Industry: ANIME Central and Local Governance in Japan and the UK: Lesso... Japanese Refresher Course for Teachers 2015 28/07/15 - 30/07/15 Summer Explorers! Japanese Anime Screenings Voices from the Past: Shadows of War in Japanese Cinema 11/08/15 - 22/08/15 Primary Japanese - resources sharing workshop Japanese from Scratch: All About Bento! The Lie of the Land - Rethinking Landscape Painting BUKATSUDŌ: Teaching Character in Japanese School... Japan Foundation at Japan Matsuri 2015 Japanese Study Seminar in Alsace 2015: Call for Partici... Join the Club! Fandom in Japanese Theatre: Kabuki &... Shinya Tsukamoto: Filmmaker Talk Riding the Current - Japanese Contemporary Art and its ... Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Student Survey 2015 1/07/15 - 30/09/15 Japan Foundation at Bristol Anime Con Artist Talk by Hideyuki Katsumata Japan Foundation at Language Show Live 2015 16/10/15 - 18/10/15 Shojo manga: Girls' Comics from Japan Shojo manga: Girls' Comics from Japan Artist talk by Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter Double Bill: Films by Makoto Shinkai (Gateshead) Double Bill: Films by Makoto Shinkai (Gateshead, Anime ... Hatsune Miku - The Metamorphosis of Music and Technolog... D.I.Y. Japanese Club! Extra-Curricular Japanese Resourc... Kawaii as a Button! Cuteness in Contemporary Craft Prac... Japan Group Tour Programme for UK Head Teachers 2015 24/10/15 - 31/10/15 Safe as Houses? Housing and Welfare in an Ageing Societ... Japanese Language Teachers’ Seminar: How to use... Japanese Taster for Schools (JTS) Programme 2015 Traini... Film screening and discussion: Samurai Warrior Queens Can a Freeter Buy a House? Contemporary Housing Issues ... Art in the Age of the Global Environment Marugoto Japanese Language & Culture Course (Starte... 6/10/15 - 8/12/15 What Girls Want - The World of Shojo Manga (Girls'... Temple Tastes - Talk by Rev. Kakuho Aoe Japan Foundation / BAJS Japanese Studies Post-graduate... Deadline Extended! Ask me anything in Japanese with dir... Public Seminar: Female Entrepreneurship in Japan International Dialogues - Shigeru Ban JAPAN NOW The 11th Japanese Speech Contest for University Student... Japanese Noir - Author Fuminori Nakamura in conversatio... Design for living with kids - talk by Shu Hagiwara Bite-sized Bunraku: A Little Flavour of Japanese Tradit... Japan Conference for schools 2016 PARO - The Therapeutic Robot: Robotics for an Ageing So... Japan Foundation at Language Show Live Scotland Filmmaker Talk: Aya Hanabusa J-Basic - Last Chance EVER to enrol! 21/01/16 - 31/03/16 Spring Double Bill: "Kabuku" and "The Ga... Common Thread: Artist talk by Satoru Aoyama Japanese Show & Tell! Online Resource Workshop for ... 26/04/16 - 28/04/16 Talk & Demonstration: Exploring the Music of Noh Artist Talk by Shun Ito Japanese Gardens: Talk by Kei Ishikawa Japanese for Juniors: All About Japanese Dolls! Artist talk by Sputniko! Japan Foundation/BATJ Early Summer Conference: Teaching... Into the River: Artist talk by O JUN Artist talk by Katsumi Komagata Kamishibai performance of “Wakamiya-maruâ... Self-made Photobooks as an Object - Talk by Yumi Goto Nihongo Cup Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary Schoo... Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker: Talk by Toco Nikaido Japan Foundation at Hyper Japan Festival 15/07/16 - 17/07/16 Winds of Change: Staged Readings 2016 Ninagawa x Shakespeare - Talk by Yuriko Akishima Talk by author Miri Yu Japan Foundation at Japan Matsuri 2016 Japanese Study Seminar in Alsace 2016: Call for Partici... London Design Biennale 2016 7/09/16 - 27/09/16 LIFT 2014: Toshiki Okada’s Super Premium Soft D... Public Seminar: Japanese Archaeology in the Digital Age Book Launch: The Growing Power of Japan, 1967-1972 Rie Nakajima: Fall 7/11/14 - 6/12/14 Plexus Fog Bridge by Fujiko Nakaya 13/02/15 - 22/02/15 Dartford Grammar School - GCSE and IB event Glasgow Film Festival 18/02/15 - 1/03/15 Volunteer Japanese Teaching Opportunity at University o... J-CLan Initiative: Introduction to Japanese Culture and... Eastern Exchanges: East Asian Craft and Design 2/04/15 - 31/05/15 Edinburgh International Film Festival 17/06/15 - 28/06/15 Current Location (Fellswoop Theatre) 17/08/15 - 30/08/15 Takehisa Kosugi: SPACINGS 22/07/15 - 27/09/15 Sensoria 2015 25/09/15 - 3/10/15 Raindance Film Festival 23/09/15 - 4/10/15 Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 26/09/15 - 10/10/15 TUSK Festival 2015 9/10/15 - 11/10/15 NEoN Digital Arts 8/11/15 - 14/11/15 Hideyuki Katsumata: USO de HONTOU 3/10/15 - 15/11/15 Kawaii: Crafting the Japanese Culture of Cute 30/10/15 - 12/12/15 Throwing Shadows: Japanese Expanded Cinema in the Time ... 22/01/16 - 24/01/16 Cream Screens: Takashi Makino and [+] Collective Primary Japanese Up-skilling Course – Level 1: ... Creation from Catastrophe – how Architecture re... 27/01/16 - 24/04/16 5th East London Comics & Arts Festival 10/06/16 - 12/06/16 Koki Tanaka: Provisional Studies: Action #5 Conceiving ... 29/04/16 - 18/06/16 MFL Progress TeachMeet at Howes Primary in Coventry Japanese Experience for Children in Brighton Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016 15/06/16 - 26/06/16 LIFT ‘16: Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker 1/06/16 - 2/07/16 JF Supported: Joint East Asian Studies Conference 2016 7/09/16 - 9/09/16 Koki Tanaka: Liverpool Biennial 2016 9/07/16 - 16/10/16 test Japan Foundation at London Anime & Gaming Con Feb 2...

What's on:

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