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Arts & Culture

For all enquiries contact

Visual Arts

Are you a UK museum or gallery looking for financial support to put on a Japan-related exhibition? Click here.

Performing Arts

Are you a UK theatre or festival organiser seeking funding for Japan-related projects? Click here.


Are you planning to organise a festival screening Japanese films or involved in producing films and television programmes about Japan? Click here.


Are you a UK publisher seeking financial support for the translation of works from Japanese or the publication of books about Japan? Please click here.

Other Cultural Activities

Are you looking for funding to invite cultural practitioners from Japan to come to the UK? Please click here.

Japanese Language

For all enquiries contact

Courses for Teachers of Japanese

We offer courses in Japan and France for non-native and native speaking teachers of Japanese, to improve their Japanese language skills and teaching methodology.

Courses for Specialists

We offer Japanese language courses in Kansai, Japan, for researchers, postgraduate students, librarians, museum and art gallery curators, and other specialists.

Funding for Japanese Language Education Projects held in the UK

Institutions can apply for up to £3000 for non-profit-making projects or activities which promote Japanese language education.

Japanese Studies

For all enquiries contact Julie Anne Robb

Fellowship Programme

We offer the opportunity for academics and professionals in Japanese Studies to visit Japan to pursue research in their field.

Intellectual Exchange Conferences

This programme provides grants to non-profit making organisations wishing to carry out international intellectual collaborative projects with a significant Japanese involvement.

Support Programme for Organisations in Japanese Studies

This programme offers various types of support to Japanese Studies university departments in the UK, such as Staff Expansion, Library Support, Publication Support, and Conference Support.

Local Project Support Programme

We offer funding support to non profit-making projects in Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange - those activities which deepen Japan's relationship with other countries while promoting global intellectual exchange (e.g. lectures, research projects, library resources development).

Study Support Programme

This program provides a limited number of travel grants to help those wishing to further their research, or to those planning to undertake a project in collaboration with Japanese counterparts, in the field of Japanese Studies/Intellectual Exchange, in Japan.