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JaViChamp Japanese Video Championship for Young Learners UK - Finals Day! new
UCL - Japan Youth Challenge new
Online seminar “Reconsidering JLE for Children” / オンラインセミナー「子どもの日本語教育」の再考 new
Applications for the Japanese Local Project Support Programme 2022-2023 are open! new
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) July 2022 new
Primary Teachers’ Networking Session – “Inviting Fantastic, Unique Friends to Our Community: Activity Ideas for Nihongo x Citizenship Education” new
Ruth Asawa: Citizen of the Universe new

JaViChamp Japanese Video Championship for Young Learners UK - Finals Day!   org

The Finals Day of JaViChamp Japanese Video Championship for Young Learners UK will take place online on 9th July 2022 (Saturday). 

We received many applications from students of all ages from around the UK. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted videos!

Please be aware that this Finals Day event will be closed to the general public. However, we will put an event report on our website for everyone to enjoy after the event has finished.

Check this page for more updates - Coming Soon!

Date: 9 July 2022

Online event

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UCL - Japan Youth Challenge   org

Applications are now open for the UCL - Japan Youth Challenge!

Dates: 2nd August – 23rd August 2022 (4 weeks, weekdays only)*

Time: 9.00 am – 12.00 pm in UK time (BST)

Venue: Online, hosted by UCL. 

* Weeks 1 – 4 on Tuesdays are the main programme events and full attendance is required. Various lectures will be held on other weekdays. A minimum attendance of eight lectures is required.

The UCL-Japan Youth Challenge is a prestigious annual summer school programme which has a tremendous reputation and impact since 2015. Pre-university students from Japan and the UK attend a series of university-style lectures on a wide range of subjects by academics from leading UK universities including UCL (University College London), and engage in UCL Grand Challenge Workshop.

This year the theme is Innovative Enterprises for Sustainable Future.

Suitable candidates will match the following description: You need to be a disruptive and creative thinker. You will tackle a challenge of building a sustainable business by applying ‘design thinking’ techniques. You will be discussing in a group of diverse thinkers and deriving your solution in the end. You also have opportunities to consolidate your understanding about SDGs and ESG through lectures. After this journey, you will be ready to see the world through the lens of a top-notch design thinker.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

Date: 2 August 2022 - 23 August 2022


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Online seminar “Reconsidering JLE for Children” / オンラインセミナー「子どもの日本語教育」の再考   org


The Japan Foundation in Europe (Cologne, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome offices) will be co-organising an online seminar and workshop titled: “Reconsidering Japanese Language Education for Children”.


·         Date/Time: 17th July (Sunday),   9:00-12:00 (BST/Western European Summer Time) / 10:00-13:00 (Central European Summer Time)

·         Application Deadline: 10th July (Sunday), 11:00 BST/Western European Summer Time) / 12:00 Central European Summer Time)


Please find the event details below:

*Please note that only information in Japanese is available as the seminar will be conducted in Japanese. Thank you for your understanding.



The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne: (Japanese)

Japan Foundation, London enquiries: (Japanese / English)













·         テーマ: 「子どもの日本語教育」の再考

·         講 師: 佐藤郡衛 (国際交流基金日本語国際センター所長)

·         日 時: 2022717日(日)9:00-12:00 (英国夏時間/西ヨーロッパ夏時間) / 10:00-13:00(中央ヨーロッパ夏時間)

·         定 員: 講演500名、ワークショップ90


対 象: 日本語教師



(1)講演「子どもの日本語教育」の再考 (90分)

(2)ワークショップ「なんちゃってオープンダイアローグ体験」 (70)


【参加申込】 締切:710(日)11:00(英国夏時間/西ヨーロッパ夏時間)12:00 (中央ヨーロッパ夏時間)   



 国際交流基金ケルン日本文化会館 日本語チーム (日本語)

   国際交流基金ロンドン日本文化センター (日・英)





Date: 17 July 2022 from 9.00am to 12.00pm

Online Event

Download 日本語教師研修会2022夏_Flyer
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Applications for the Japanese Local Project Support Programme 2022-2023 are open!   org

Institutions can apply for up to £3000 for non-profit-making projects or activities which promote Japanese language education in the UK. Please see the attached documents at the bottom of this post for more detailed information.

We prioritise projects that fit into one of the four following categories:

  • Category 1 - Newly Introducing Japanese into the curriculum

Up to £3,000 for projects that promote the introduction of Japanese into the curriculum (or onto the main school timetable) at primary and secondary schools. This grant covers staff costs and the cost of Japanese language books. Projects may take place online or offline.

  • Category 2 - Supporting GCSE or A-level courses

Up to £3,000 for projects that support GCSE or A-level courses. Particularly, if schools/organisations require support to ensure a large number of candidates are able to take formal qualifications in Japanese, they will be able to maintain their project by re-applying the following year. This means organisations will be able to apply for up to a total of £6,000 over two years. (Please note that we do not supplement the salary of teacher(s) already hired by the applying organisation.) Covers staff costs and costs of Japanese language books. Projects may take place online or offline.

  • Category 3 - Japanese clubs

Up to £2,000 for organisations that newly introduce Japanese as an extracurricular activity or enrichment subject. In the case of schools, this is even if this is not within the school timetable. Covers staff cost, Japanese language book cost, origami cost and calligraphy cost. Clubs may take place online or offline.

  • Category 4 - Projects that enable links between primary/secondary institutions and institutions of higher education

Up to £3,000 for projects that strengthen connections between secondary institutions and institutions of higher education and create and/or strengthen networks among pupils, students, and teachers for the purpose of helping to promote Japanese language education in the UK. These projects can be aimed at both potential learners of Japanese and people who already are learning Japanese. This is a recently added category, so please contact us if you have any questions or would like to apply but are unsure as to whether your project is suitable. These projects may take place online or offline.

Application deadline: 16th June 2022 (Thursday), 23:59


NEW: You can view a video presentation with information and advice about applying for our Local Project Support Grants.

Please click here to see the video on our YouTube page.


Download general information about the programme.
Download the Grant Application Form (May 2022)
Download the LPSP 2022-2023 Grant Flowchart.

Date: 16 May 2022 - 16 June 2022
Download 2022-23 General Information
Download 2022-23 Application Form
Download 2022-23 Flowchart
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Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) July 2022   org

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a test which evaluates and certifies the Japanese-language proficiency of non-native speakers of Japanese.

The next JLPT will take place on Sunday 3rd July 2022, at two locations in the UK: London (SOAS University of London), and Leicester (University of Leicester).

To register to take the exam, please visit the websites of the test centres:

Applications at both test centres have now closed due to reaching maximum capacity. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

For more information about the test, please visit the JLPT website.

Date: 3 July 2022
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Primary Teachers’ Networking Session – “Inviting Fantastic, Unique Friends to Our Community: Activity Ideas for Nihongo x Citizenship Education”   org


This event is organised for Japanese language teachers who teach Japanese as a modern foreign language or as a heritage language to primary school aged-pupils in the UK and Ireland.

In today’s modern, diverse society, there is an emphasis on citizenship education. This time, participants will have an opportunity to take part in activities inspired by Nihongo x Citizenship Education and then exchange thoughts and ideas about Japanese language education for primary school pupils.  The activities introduced are based on improvisational games. Teachers can choose to participate face-to-face participation or online, with all teachers getting to experience the same activities.

We are looking forward to your participation!



  • Date and Time:  30th July 2022 (Saturday), 13:00-15:30


  • Venue:

   Face-to-face Participation:

Warren Centre (Add: Basement 1-8, Suffolk House, Whitfield Place, London, W1T 5JU)

Access: Warren Street Station (3 min by foot)

Euston Square Station (6 min by foot) / London Euston Station (10 min by foot)

      Online Participation:

Zoom online meeting

A link will be sent to participants before the event.

* Note: Please note that depending on changes in circumstances, such as developments in the situation with COVID-19 or a decision made by the organisers for other reasons, the event may be held entirely online.


  • Programme:       

(1) Language activities workshop and reflection

(2) Social gathering


  • Facilitator: OFUNE Chisato (Chief Japanese language Advisor, The Japan Foundation, London)


  • Spoken Languages: Japanese and English (*Japanese will mainly be used during the workshop, but English will also be used. During the social gathering, there will be an English-language group will be made.)


  • Target Audience: Japanese language teachers who teach primary school-aged pupils in the UK and Ireland


  • Maximum Number of Participants: 20 (in-person venue). There is no upper limit for online participation.

To apply, please click here to fill out an application form

Application deadline: 18th July 2022 (Monday), 10:00AM


  • Venue rules (for face-to-face participants):

Smoking is not permitted at the venue.

There is no car park or place to park bicycles.

No pets except guide dogs.


Beverages will be provided free of charge at the in-person venue.


Download the event flyer:

English flyer

Japanese flyer


Date: 30 July 2022 from 1.00pm to 3.30pm

Face-to-face and online

Download Primary session 2022_Flyer (EN)
Download Primary session 2022_Flyer (JP)
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Ruth Asawa: Citizen of the Universe   JPsupported


Citizen of the Universe is the first public solo exhibition in Europe of abstract sculptor Ruth Asawa’s work. The exhibition displays Asawa’s signature suspended looped- and tied-wire sculptures, as well as photography documenting her home life, and archival material of her involvement with educational programmes and her local community.

Date: 28 May 2022 - 21 August 2022

Modern Art Oxford

For more information, please click here.
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