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Talking Contemporary Japan: 'Getting Down to Business! - Language and Etiquette in Japanese Society'

Do you know the correct etiquette for serving Japanese tea? Or where each person should sit in a business meeting? How about the hierarchy of sitting in a taxi? Writing work e-mails? Or even just standing in a lift?

All these questions and more were answered in the latest Talking Contemporary Japan class, Getting down to Business! – Language and Etiquette in Japanese Society. The course ran throughout March and gave participants the chance to get to grips with business language, etiquette and taboos in Japanese society. The classes provided a wide variety of information and activities, and this was reflected in the positive evaluation that was received. “The Classes were a nice balance of group work, lecture and participation”, said Jamie McLaughlin at the end of the course. Josy Audigier was also very enthusiastic, saying “Tanaka sensei is awesome! I loved this class!”

The next Talking Contemporary Japan course will take place in June. Please click here for further information and an application form.