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The Japan Foundation, London takes in applications for all of the Japan Foundation's Japanese language-related funding programmes in the UK. For funding programmes relating to arts and culture or Japanese studies, please click here.

For all enquiries about applying for any of these programmes, please contact or call 0207 492 6570.

Funding for Japanese Language Education Projects held in the UK

Japanese Language Local Project Support Programme

Japanese Language Local Project Support Programme 2019-20

Institutions can apply for up to £3000 for non-profit-making projects or activities which promote Japanese language education in the UK. We prioritise projects that fit into one of the three following categories:

1. Introducing Japanese into the curriculum
Up to £3,000 for projects that promote the introduction of Japanese into the curriculum (or onto the main school timetable) at primary and secondary schools. This grant covers staff costs and the cost of Japanese language books.

2. Supporting GCSE or A-level courses
Up to £3,000 for projects that support GCSE or A-level courses in secondary schools. In particular, if schools require support to ensure a large number of candidates are able to take formal qualifications in Japanese, they will be able to maintain their project by re-applying the following year. This means Secondary schools will be able to apply for up to a total of £6,000 over two years. (Please note that we do not supplement the salary of teacher(s) already hired by the applying organisation.) Covers staff costs and cost of Japanese language books.

3. Japanese clubs
Up to £1,000 for projects in primary or secondary schools that newly introduce Japanese as an extracurricular activity or enrichment subject, even if this is not within the school timetable. Covers staff cost, Japanese language book cost, origami cost and calligraphy cost.

Please contact us if you are thinking of a project related to Japanese Language Education outside these prioritised categories, as we may still be able to support you. If you are unsure whether your proposed project is suitable for our grant, please get in contact us.

There are two application deadlines for the 2019-20 programme: 20th May 2019 and 30th September 2019.

Download general information about the programme.
Download the application form 2019-20.

Successful Grant Applications

In 2015-2016 the Japan Foundation London received a total of 67 applications and rewarded 62 grants. The grants have been spread all over the UK, from Plymouth to Orkney. For a full list of this year’s grants, or for information on successful grant applications from previous years, please click on the links below:

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