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Welcome to our database of Private Tutors of Japanese in the UK. Users can search for a tutor by clicking on the regions listed below. Tutors wishing to register their details on this database can download the Private Japanese Tutor form. Completed forms should be emailed to, or posted to Japan Foundation London, Japanese Language Department, Lion Court, 25 Procter Street, Holborn, London, WC1V 6NY. To allow us to keep our records as up to date as possible please inform us of any incorrect information or if any of your details change.

Please note:
  • the Japan Foundation London cannot recommend any particular teacher(s), and the Japan Foundation London does not endorse tutors on the list. Students should contact the individual teachers to ensure that their needs can be met.
  • the Japan Foundation London provides this list as a service to the public. We cannot take any responsibility for any damages and/or inconveniences of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within our website. If your details are listed on this page and you receive any suspicious or malicious e-mails or phone calls, we encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities.
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Name: Alastair Dore
Location: High Wycombe, Buck
Email: alisensei2013[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate, GCSE, JLPT
Details: TESOL, 6 years teaching foreign languages, 2 years Japanese up to A2. I teach privately and for The Marlow Language Centre.


Name: Asami Nishimura
Location: South East : Brighton & Hove, Lewis
Email: kriglette[ at ]
Levels: All Levels
Details: MA in Creative Writing (Sussex Uni), Certificate in the Advanced skills of Teaching Japanese Language,


Name: Aya Igusa
Location: Woking, Surrey
Email: ayaigusa[ at ]
Levels: JLPT preparation only
Details: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, BA in Economics


Name: Ayako Lawson
Location: Maidenhead (Berks, Bucks)
Email: nihongo.maidenhead[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to intermediate (GCSE, JLPT)
Details: Certificate in teaching Foreign Languages to adults provided by East Berkshire College. Teaching at Marlow Language Centre


Name: Charlotte Rodgers
Location: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge
Phone: 07955364115
Levels: Can tutor all levels
Details: LLB BA (Hons) Law University of Edinburgh. JET Programme 2008-2010 JLPT N3


Name: Chieko Kuribara
Location: South East, East and East of London (The areas along the One railway line between London Liverpool Street station and Cambridge)
Email: ckuribara[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate levels
Details: BA in English & American Literature and Linguistics, MA in Linguistics, Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition. Fluent in both Japanese and English. Teaching experience at the level of secondary and higher education, as well as in the private tuition context.


Name: Chihiro Gee
Location: Bracknell, Reading, Ascot, Windsor
Email: milkyway1981[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to Intermediate
Details: Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, BA in Linguistics and Phonetics from the University of Leeds


Name: Claire Evans
Location: Bucks, Berks and West London
Email: c_a_evans[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Details: I have a PGCE in Japanese and French and am Head of Japanese at St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School. I have 10 years of experience teaching Japanese for GCSE, AS, A2 and IB exams.


Name: Clare Brumfit (Kuroishi)
Location: Canterbury Area
Email: cbrumfit13[ at ]
Levels: beginners, GCSE, A Level, IB B and A
Details: BA Hons Japanese & Linguistics, PGCE, JLPT 1, 7 years teaching experience


Name: Enise Gerin Arca
Location: London, Reading
Email: enisegerin[ at ]
Phone: 07860908210
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: Graduate of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University - Japanese Language Education Department (1998-2003). Researcher at Japan-Okayama University, Comprehensive Language Studies Department Faculty of Arts (2003-2004). Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 1.


Name: EunMi Pearson
Location: Oxfordshire, Berkshire
Email: eunmipearson[ at ]
Phone: 07515410429
Levels: All levels/age groups, Business, Exams:GCSE, A-Level, JLPT
Details: Ph.D and MA for Japanese Language&Literature in Niigata University. 15 years of teaching experience at Universities and language schools in Japan and the U.K. including Tokyo International University, Obirin University, Oxford Brooks University and secondary school for GCSE. Instructor of Japanese course for JLPT under the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Instructor of Business Japanese under Japanese Experts Language Training Service. My approach to tutoring is decided by and tailored to the needs of the individuals. In this way, I can offer a dynamic, lively, enjoyable but most importantly effective tutoring method which will get success.


Name: Harumi Currie
Location: London including South East near London
Email: harumic1[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Advanced, GCSE and A-level
Details: Teaching Japanese over 15 years


Name: Hideko Ohashi
Location: Bucks, Oxford, Herts
Email: hohashi.jl[ at ]
Levels: All levels/ages: Bigginner/Intermediate/Advanced ; Exams(GCSE, A-Level, JLPT etc.) /Business/Conversation
Details: Qualified Teacher Status (UK QTS), MA in Modern Foreign Languages Education (London, King's), BEd & Teacher's Licenses (Tokyo). Over 20 years of teaching experience both in Japan and in the UK, including Teacher of Japanese at a grammar school in Bucks for 6 years.


Name: Hiroko Kato
Location: South East London, Surrey, Kent
Email: hiroko.katokk[ at ]
Phone: 020 8657 3347
Levels: All levels, business or daily, GCSE or A-level, JLPT
Details: UCLES Certificate for teaching JapaneseUCLES English Proficiency. Private teaching, Teaching at schools and companies


Name: Hiromi Stevens
Location: Kent (mainly Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks)
Email: hiromistevens[ at ]
Levels: All levels - Beginners, GCSE, AS, A2, JLPT
Details: BA in English Language and Literature, QTS, Advanced Certificate in Education. Have experience teaching at Grammar school for 3 years (Y7 - Y13), Tonbridge School and Adult Education.


Name: Hitomi Ito-Burton
Location: Kent (Maidstone)
Email: diamondjorker[ at ]
Levels: Any
Details: BA education


Name: Iku Nishikawa
Location: South: Oxford
Email: iku.nishikawa.jap[ at ]
Phone: 07906 236547
Levels: GCSE, A' level, Conversation, Business
Details: BA Japanese language tuition. 10 years experience in Oxford for international colleges and private schools up to A level. Beginner to Business Japanese private lessons. On-line lessons with Skype.


Name: Jordan Cascoe
Location: South East London, Croydon, Kent
Email: jordancascoe[ at ]
Levels: JLPT N5-N3, GCSE, A Level
Details: JLPT 2, Lived and Worked in Japan, Taught University, GCSE & A Level Students


Name: Junko Ladd
Location: Maidstone, etc.
Email: utalkjapaneseeasy[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Advanced level
Details: MA in Education, Author (Japanese Lanugage Test commissioned by European Union Fundation), Teaching experinece in Japan and the UK, Teaching certificate, Currently teaching at Online school.


Name: Katherine Lawrence
Location: Portsmouth, Petersfield, Alton, Winchester
Email: kathlawrence45[ at ]
Levels: All levels including GCSE tuition
Details: BA Hons Japanese Oxford University


Name: Katie Turner
Location: South East
Email: katielt[ at ]
Phone: 07872502498
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate
Details: BA (Hons) 2:1 degree in Japanese and French, University of Leeds. During my degree course I studied at Akita International University, Japan, for one year where I took advanced Japanese language classes. I have experience teaching basic Japanese to adults and tutoring Japanese business etiquette to professionals.


Name: Katrin Noguchi-Amann
Location: South East : Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells
Email: katrin.noguchi[ at ]
Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, GCSE and IB tuition
Details: MA in Japanese Studies. Japanese PhD in Japanese Literature. Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1.


Name: Kazuko Gibson Koike
Location: London: NW, N, SE, SW, W London and Herts, Bucks (within 30 min drive)
Email: info[ at ]
Phone: 020 8200 4340, 07962 905 866
Levels: All levels, GCSE, A-level, JLPT 1-4, intensive course for 1-3 weeks
Details: Qualifications: Cambridge UCLES Japanese Teaching Diploma, Practical English Test 1st grade Experience: 19 years Japanese teaching/tutoring for business people, Adult Education, GCSE/A-level and special interests in Japan. All lessons are tailor-made. Web-site:


Name: Keiko Pert
Location: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, West London
Email: keikomp[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: Certificate of the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test (authorized by the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language) 10 years' teaching experience in France and in England and currently teaching privately. Speak fluent English.


Name: Keiko Saisho
Location: London, South West London, Central London
Email: keikomax[ at ]
Levels: Beginners - Advanced. GCSE, A-Level, JLPT any level
Details: Diploma in teaching Japanese as a foreign language/as first language. Currently teaching privately and in schools.


Name: Kimiko Avins
Location: London, South London, Croydon, Surrey, Kent
Email: kimiko_avins[ at ]
Details: BA in Japanese, EJEF teaching course. Teaching Japanese at high school in Japan and UK college for GCSE and A Level. Business Japanese to groups and individuals. Private tuition - GCSE, A level, proficiency test.


Name: Kimiko Yaegashi-Kilbride
Location: Kent
Email: yaegashikimiko[ at ]
Phone: Home: 020 8992 1473 Mob: 07756 911427
Levels: All levels
Details: BA Mathematics and Japanese. 15 years experience teaching Japanese.


Name: Kiyoko Tsukagoshi
Location: London / South : London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire
Email: kiyokonihongo[ at ]
Levels: From absolute beginners to advanced level including GCSE, A Level, and business use.
Details: I specialise in intensive teaching for business people with cultural tips and lessons. 8 years teaching experience including at the Haberdashers' Aske's Girls school in Elstree and Haileybury College in Hertford. Private tuition for business person and students.


Name: Kozue Suzuki
Location: Middlesex and South Bucks
Email: kozuesuzuki[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. Currently teaching at a private school as a part time Japanese teacher for young learners.


Name: Laura Callaghan
Location: Oxford
Email: callaghan.tuition[ at ]
Levels: Beginners and improvers, of any age.
Details: PGCE English, OCNSWR TEFL Certificate, Certificate in Japanese Linguistics and Pedagogy, JLPT Level 2. I have three years of living in Japan while teaching and tutoring EFL, followed by 2 years of teaching and training in UK secondary schools, with 7 months of Japanese tutoring.


Name: Maki Otomo
Location: Brighton and Hove
Email: meerkattranslation[ at ]
Levels: All levels
Details: More than 5 years of teaching experience in English and Japanese


Name: Mami Howard
Location: South East : Buckinghamshire
Email: funjapanese[ at ]
Levels: All Levels. Lessons are designed around individual needs and level.
Details: Completed teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language course from a University in Japan. Taught at Panasonic, Toshiba, other Japanese companies, several adult education colleges and Queen Mary College.


Name: Mari Miyao-Cadiou
Location: South East Berkshire
Email: marimyo[ at ]
Levels: All
Details: Four months in group lessons in language school/NAFL Japanese Language Instructors Qualification Program


Name: Mariko Naish
Location: South East Newbury, Berkshire
Email: n_mariko4[ at ]
Levels: All levels, especially beginner and intermediate
Details: BA degree. TOEIC (750). IELTS (6). Diploma in French and British cuisine. EII Japanese Language Centre Level 2 Diploma (Japanese Language Teacher Certificate). Taught private and group lessons at EII Japanese Language Center in Yokohama (Jan - Oct 2006). Currently teaching private and business classes in Newbury, Berkshire.


Name: Mark Brockwell
Location: Surrey
Email: mj.brockwell[ at ]
Phone: 07572 180465
Levels: Beginner and Intermediate adults.
Details: BA in Japanese, CELTA, 6 years residence and teaching in Tokyo.


Name: Megumi De Fanis
Location: Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire
Email: megumi.defanis[ at ]
Levels: Any level, both classes and one-to-one tutoring
Details: Japanese Language Teaching Competency test in 2000. Teaching in Japan and UK since 1998.


Name: Michiko Dunford
Location: South East Brighton
Email: michimichi551[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to intermediate
Details: Japanese Teacher Traing Course Stage 1, SOAS 2006 Private teaching experience.


Name: Michiko Thornton
Location: London / South London and Surrey
Email: kondo_thornton[ at ]
Levels: Beginners to Advanced
Details: BA in English LiteratureCambridge Certificate Training Course/Euro-Japanese Exchange Foundation Training CourseTaught at Japanese School, London (1988-1993)Euro-Japanese Exchange Foundation (1993-1999)Prepared students for Japanese Proficiency Test, GCSE, A levelsThames Valley University Evening Classes (1993-2001)


Name: Mieko Kanai
Location: South East London, Kent
Email: Mkchatinjapanese[ at ]
Phone: 0784 789 1856
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate


Name: Mieko Macaulay
Location: Surry, Kent, East Sussex, and West Sussex
Email: miekomacaulay[ at ]
Levels: beginner to advanced
Details: Certificate for Japanese Teacher Training course from University of London.Language Teacher to business people and language school.


Name: Misako Fujita
Location: Swindon, Oxford
Email: misako_fujita[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate(Children and adults,), Class or One-to-one
Details: Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test(2010), 420-hour Total Course for Japanese Teachers(Japan), Experience : Class teaching(Japan) and Volunteer (London and Japan)


Name: Mitsuko Masumoto
Location: South East : Berkshire, Buckinghamshire
Phone: 01628 478537
Levels: All levels
Details: Soka University (correspondence course), BA degree (Education Department). Taught at public schools: Wycombe Abbey, Papplewick School


Name: Miyuki Taylor
Location: South East : South and Central London, Surrey, South West London
Email: miyukl.taylor[ at ]
Phone: 020 8393 7778
Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, GCSE, A levels
Details: BA in Social Science. Certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language/Japanese Saturday School (Hoshuko). Certificate in Teaching Japanese (SOAS, University of London ). Currently teaching Japanese at International School of London in Surrey and at Japanese Saturday School. Private tuitions for GCSE, AS and A2 as well as other various levels to suite each individual or group requirements.


Name: Naomi Madeley
Location: Canterbury in Kent
Email: naomimadeley[ at ]
Levels: Beginners/GCSE/A levels
Details: Japanese Language Instructors Qualification Course by NAFL Institute in japan/ I have been teaching Japanese for beginners for Kent Adult Education Service since 2003, have run an after school club for Dane Court Grammer School, Simon Langton Grils' Grammer School . Curreltly,I teach beginner groups and a A2-level pupil at The King's School Canterbury.


Name: Nobuyo Peake
Location: Reading, Berkshire
Email:[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Details: The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, NAFL institute Japanese Language Instructors Qualification Course, 6years experience with Aichi Nihongo no Kai (Teaching Japanese Voluntary Group)


Name: Noriko Madsen
Location: London / South Surrey and London
Email: norikomadsen[ at ]
Phone: 07863332935
Levels: All levels
Details: Japanese Teacher certificate from University of Cambridge.


Name: Nozomi Salter
Location: Reigate
Email: nozomisalter[ at ]
Levels: Beginner to advanced
Details: MA Japanese Language Education at Tokyo Metopolitan University. 3 and half year teaching experience in a language institute in Japan


Name: Rhi Furlonger
Location: South East Guildford & Woking
Email: rhi.harwood[ at ]
Levels: Japanese up to A2. Website: Http://
Details: BA Hons German & Japanese. PGCE Secondary Education MFL. Qualified teacher and head of Japanese department for 2 years.


Name: Rie Wakayama
Location: Oxford, Witney
Email: riebows[ at ]
Levels: Any levels, GCSE, A-level
Details: Qualified as a teacher of Japanese language. 9 years teaching experience in the U.K. Taught Japanese A-level at secondary schools for several years. Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, BA in Economics


Name: Riko Sherratt
Location: London / South London, Middlesex, Worthing (W. Sussex)
Phone: 020 8993 9505
Levels: Any level incl. University degree, AS, AII, IB, FLAW. Also practical teaching methods for teacher training courses.
Details: SOAS, the London Institute, Hockerhill Anglo-European School Experience: 18 years, SOAS University of London Teaching BA, F.C.O. Diplomatic Staff, Daiwa Scholar.Now, London Institute, and AS, AII, IB etcQualifications: BA (English Literature) and Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language


Name: Sadako Yamamoto
Location: Bexleyheath, South East London
Email: Studioeast[ at ]
Levels: Beginners, GCSE, AS and A2, IB and JLPT
Details: 10 years experience in Grammar school, adult education and private lessons. I take students who can come to Bexleyheath only


Name: Shizuko Surtees
Location: South East : West Surrey, North Hampshire, East Berkshire
Email: shizuko.surtees[ at ]
Phone: 01276 61817
Levels: All levels including Business Japanese
Details: Certificate in teaching Japanese as a foreign language, SOAS. I have been teaching all levels at various institutions since 1993.


Name: Stephen J Cullis
Location: East Sussex
Email: barnabycross[ at ]
Phone: 07870-465-121
Levels: Beginner to Upper Intermediate/Advanced GCE/JLPT2
Details: Cert TEFL, MA Oriental Studies Oxford, JLPT 2. 4 Years living and working in Japan, currently working as Freelance Translator and working in a Japanese Business environment, over 10 years classroom and 1 to 1 teaching experience. I now also teach via Skype.


Name: Steven Bartholomew
Location: Kent
Email: stevenbartholomew[ at ]
Phone: 0751151824
Levels: Primary school children, secondary school students, adults and special needs students up to Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Details: Have Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1, 6 years' experience living in Tochigi Prefecture.


Name: Yasuko Lockett
Location: London (Central.South East), Kent
Phone: 020 8297 3173
Levels: All
Details: Dartford Grammar School for Boys (95-98) Private tutor for all levels and agesJapanese Teacher Training Certification, SOASB.A LawCertified classroom assistant and teacher assistant.


Name: Yasuko Yanai Miller
Location: Woking, Guildford, Weybridge
Email: yasuko4japanese[ at ]
Phone: 07528 713819
Levels: Any level
Details: Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. Two years experience teaching Japanese at university and adult college in Brunei. Also experienced in private lessons for professionals and students of all levels and ages.


Name: Yoko Hart
Location: South East : Between East Surrey (Dorking), Kent (Sevenoaks) and West Sussex (East Grinstead)
Email: yokoizawa8[ at ]
Levels: Complete beginner to Advanced. GCSE, A Level, JLPT and IB Language A and ab initio.Tailor-made lessons.
Details: Cambridge post graduate Certificate/ Private Tutoring for all levels specified. All students achieved higher or the highest grades from scratch or within a short period of learning. Teaching GCSE, A Level, IB and Japanese Culture at private schools since 2004.


Name: Yoko O'Connor
Location: Bucks (Marlow, High Wycombe, Gerrards Cross), Berks (Maidenhead)
Email: nihongo.marlow[ at ]
Phone: 07730 314081
Levels: Absolute beginner to intermediate, Group/One-to-one, tailor-made lessons
Details: Certificate in Japanese Teacher Training from SOAS/University of London


Name: Yoriko Chiba
Location: South East : Folkestone
Email: yorikentsachi[ at ]
Levels: All levels - Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced & JLPT
Details: Certificate in Further Education (C&G7407), 6 years experience including Adult Education Service, Grammar School and private teaching


Name: Yukiko Isono
Location: South East Cambridge
Email: yukiko.isono[ at ]
Phone: 01223 242430
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Details: 30 years teaching in UK. Author : BBC ""TALK JAPANESE"" BA Japanese language and literature.Teaching qualification in Japanese modern and classical for high school


Name: Yuriko Kimijima
Location: Oxford, Reading
Email: yurikobrain.nihongo[ at ]
Phone: 075-0393-0888
Levels: Any
Details: SOAS teaching certificate, 10 years experience.