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Cute bento recipes you can try at home!

In this easy recipe tutorial, bento artist Mari Miyazawa shares her expert tips on how to create cute characters out of common food ingredients for you to try your hand at them at home.

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Mari Miyazawa, bento artist and animation filmmaker Born in Nagano. Received Master degree from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2014.

Since 2003, Miyazawa has been creating bento arrangements inspired by everyday discoveries, joyful moments, and the changing of seasons, encouraging a culture whereby bento may be enjoyed both by people making it, as well as eating it. In 2012, she began directing animations featuring her original bento characters; one of these inspired by onigiri (rice ball) – Konigiri-kun – has been airing steadily on NHK since 2014. Her animation works based on her bento character creations have been screened at the likes of the New Zealand International Film Festival and Australian International Animation Festival to list only a few. In 2018, she won the Preschooler Grand Prix category at the Ottawa International Film Festival. In addition to filmmaking, Miyazawa has written a number of recipe books, displaying images of her many bento arrangements as well as children’s picture books.

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