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Japanese Tasters for Schools (JTS) Sessions in 2018-19

These are some of the Japanese taster sessions that our volunteers in the Japanese Tasters for Schools (JTS) Programme have held in schools around the UK in 2018-19 so far. We would like to thank all the volunteers for their extremely hard work on the programme!

If you would like to arrange a Japanese Taster Session at your school, or if you speak good Japanese and you would like to become a JTS volunteer yourself, click here to find out more about the JTS Programme.

Comberton Village College, 8th July 2019
Academy in Cambridgeshire
Aims of the taster: Part of Japan Week.
Activities in Taster: Japanese phrases.

King Edward's School / Business Language Champions, 21st June 2019
Boarding and day school in Surrey
Aims of the taster: Event involving multiple schools.
Activities in Taster: Japanese culture and language.

Sarah Bonnell School, 12th February 2019
Academy in London
Aims of the taster: Japanese language and culture day.
Activities in Taster: Japanese greetings and numbers.

Dulwich Cranbrook Prep School, 12th October 2018
Independent school in Kent
Aims of the taster: Part of a Geography subject day (Japan focused).
Activities in Taster: Japanese writing and numbers.
Notes: "A great success!" - school staff member.

Oakham School / Business Language Champions, 20th June 2018
Independent school in the East Midlands
Aims of the taster: Part of Business Language Champions project.
Activities in Taster: Introducing Japanese language and designing manga characters for group presentations.
Notes: The volunteer "did a brilliant job and was very engaging [...] Would very much recommend her skills to anyone wanting a Japanese taster" - Mrs Sally Fagan of Business Language Champions.

Dilkes Academy, 4th June 2018
Primary school in Essex
Aims of the taster: Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture.
Activities in Taster: Japanese games, writing, simple phrases, numbers.

Kelso High School, 30th May 2018
High School in the Scottish Borders
Aims of the taster: Learning about Japanese culture.
Activities in Taster: Japanese history, culture, geography, script, and numbers.