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New Minato Self-Study Course: Japanese in Anime & Manga School Expressions

Japan Foundation has launched a new course on our Minato e-learning platform: Japanese in Anime & Manga A2 (School Expressions by Scene) Self-Study Course.

This is an online self-study course for learning expressions used within an anime/manga school setting. This is for people with A2 level (Elementary) Japanese ability and an interest in anime/manga.

The course objectives are:

1. Know the differences between expressions used by anime/manga characters.

2. Able to read a simply written manga script and generally understand the content.

3. Able to understand the situation and speak the lines like the character.

Learning is done interactively using videos, web sites, and quizzes.
Enjoy improving your Japanese and deepening your understanding of anime and manga!

Get more information and  start the course for free!