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Primary Japanese Resource Sharing Workshop - 2016

On December 5th 2016, 26 teachers of Japanese joined the Japan Foundation for a resource sharing workshop at Conway hall in London. This event brought together primary teachers of Japanese to share their ideas about what went well with their Japanese teaching over the last year.

The day started with the introduction of the fantastic Momotaro (Peach Boy) play that was written and tested by Helen Morris from Madley Primary School. Participants got to see how Helen introduced the vocabulary and how she prepared them for their performance. You can see a small clip of the play here, and a performance of a Japanese dance here.

The next presentation was from Clare Kuroishi, from the Norton Knatchbull School who showed how she has used kendo and rajio taiso to teach actions and parts of the body. Clare has been teaching Japanese though physical education and so it was really interesting to see how she integrated language learning with movement.

After this, Aya Kamura Mirto from Carden Primary school shared how she taught about the weather in Japanese. Aya encouraged her pupils to make teru teru bozu (weather charms), as well as getting them to sing lots of songs which she shared with other participants. One participant, Sarah Hart told us that she “enjoyed all the sessions, as each offered a different perspective to teaching Japanese.”

Lastly, the Japan Foundation’s Chief Language Advisor Makoto Netsu, introduced some new sections of the Japan Foundation Japanese Scheme of Work for Primary Schools, which is packed full of lesson plans, resources and exciting and fun ideas for teaching primary-level Japanese to Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 pupils. Participants were shown the topics for the new materials and then went through the new materials for teaching about shopping (including role plays). These new materials will be available to download on our website soon.

One participant, Jacob Smith said the following: “really useful event- I never realised there were so many useful resources/ so much support available!” While Shraddha Payyappilly mentioned that “all speakers distributing materials that they have used in past was really helpful.”

You can see photos from this event on the Japan Foundation Facebook page here, and you can download some of the presentations and resources below.

We would like to thank all participants for coming, especially our guest speakers!

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