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Japanese Language Teachers’ Seminar: Make Your Own Japanese Teaching Resources with PowerPoint

Approximately 25 teachers of Japanese learned how to employ ICT in creating fun and effective teaching resources at the “Make Your Own Japanese Teaching Resources with PowerPoint” seminars held at Japan Foundation London on February 19th and 20th.

Led by Hisaka Bunting, teacher of GCSE and A-level Japanese at Newstead Wood School and teacher of Japanese at several other schools, the seminar demonstrated how teachers can use Microsoft PowerPoint to enhance beginner-level Japanese classes. Giving real life examples from her own classes, Bunting-sensei provided step-by-step instruction on making effective and entertaining presentations, games and activities with PowerPoint. Participants were not only able to make their own PowerPoint resources in the session, but also had the opportunity to share their resources with each other.

Some of the feedback received from the workshop included:

“Excellent workshop...JF staff really helped and the lecturer gave us brilliant resources.”  (Kazuko Gibson Koike)

“It was excellent, well-structured and fun.” (Angelica Kurtina)

We would like to thank Hisaka Bunting and all the participants for their contributions to the event.