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The potential of Japanese Language Education in Primary Schools – seminar

Dr Seiji Fukushima, the Chief Language Advisor for Japan Foundation London, has spent the last 4 years researching and teaching in London. For his final seminar in the UK, 58 attendees joined Dr Fukushima on the 20th of January 2015, to hear about the possibilities for Japanese language education in UK primary schools. The seminar included information about the current MFL policies in the UK, and how Dr Fukushima has worked on a scheme of work to encourage children to learn Japanese in a way that integrates cultural education, intercultural citizenship education and cross-curricular education. The scheme of work was trialled at a primary school in West London. Dr Fukushima told participants about how he encouraged children to keep learning and to create positive attitudes towards learning itself, which is crucial for citizens in a knowledge-based society. After the seminar Dr. Lid King, Director of the Languages Company, gave some comments about the seminar and then chaired a Q&A session. Attendees gave some fantastic feedback about the event. Peter Downes said that “The material provided is excellent and the philosophy underpinning it is valid and helpful.” Another attendee, Christopher Weadick said, “I found the children’s portfolios and media examples of work most useful as it gave a good comparison for work completed by my own group (aged 8-10). Attending this event has given me the confidence to continue club activities in future.” If you would like to download a copy of the Japanese Scheme of Work for primary schools please click here.