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‘Let’s visit the library this half term’ Campaign

The Japan Foundation London Library had a ‘Let’s visit the Library this half term’ campaign to encourage school students who are interested in Japanese language and culture to visit the library during half term between 17th -21st February.

During this period, the library had 100 visitors including students from secondary schools and 6th form colleges, as well as their teachers and families. The students were very keen to try practice questions for GCSE/AS/A2/IB/JLPT exams and most of them got very high marks and received a Japan Foundation sticker as a reward (these can be downloaded here). Some of them tried Edo period style wigs for town girls and samurai.

Others even enjoyed the Japanese board games Go and Shogi.

Comments from participants included:

“It is really fun and a lovely place. The campaign is awesome, too”- a year 8 secondary student

 “The help with learning Japanese was excellent as I was given many worksheets to help me to improve. There were also many textbooks and study books.” - a year 7 secondary student

“The variety of resources was very convenient and helpful. The campaign should raise awareness so more students can benefit from the library. “- 6th form student.

It brought different students of Japanese together to share interests and encourage each other. “-  6th form student

“It was interesting and the staff was very kind and helpful. I think the campaign is great for students like myself and I would like to visit again.” -  6th form student

Very helpful and provided us with lots of information and allowed us to play ‘Go’ – very fun!” -  6th form student

We’d like to thank all participants for taking part in this campaign and teachers who kindly forwarded the invitation to their students. We really hope to see even more participants at our next ‘visit the library campaign’!

To learn more about the library, please click here.