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Public Seminar - The Japan Mint & the Royal Mint: A History of Exchange

The Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the Royal Mint Museum, was delighted to present this special public seminar (held on 13th June) exploring the rich history of exchange between Japan and the UK in the area of mint.  Yoshiake Shinhara, President of the Japan Mint, gave a detailed and informative talk focussing on the UK's contribution to the establishment of the Japan Mint and the close ties that developed between Japan and the UK in the area of mint in the late 19th century.  Shinhara was joined by Graham Dyer OBE FSA of the Royal Mint Museum who provided a British perspective on these ties, and Dr Helen Wang (Curator of East Asian Coins, British Museum) who wrapped things up with an engaging presentation in which she introduced some of the coins that were in circulation in Japan and the UK around the time of the Japan Mint's inception.