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Getting a 'Taste of Japan' at Japan Foundation

Green tea, sushi and bowing were enjoyed by all at Japan Foundation’s first ever beginner’s Japanese language event Taste of Japan, which was held on January 26th 2011 by the Japan Foundation London Language Centre.

After warming up with a Japan quiz, participants were taught by the Japan Foundation’s Chief Japanese Language Advisor, Yoko Udagawa, essential expressions for survival in Japan.  The session also covered Japanese etiquette including the different kinds of bow and how to use chopsticks with style.  Hiroko Tanaka, a Japan Foundation Language Advisor, also demonstrated how to serve ocha (green tea) with grace and elegance.  Finally, participants had a chance to practice their language and cultural skills for real as everyone tucked into a sushi dinner.

One of the participants described the event as “very warm and welcoming.  Very informative in a fun and inclusive way.  It is very good to learn words and phrases but also extremely important to learn the customs at the same time.  I am definitely going to continue learning Japanese language and culture.”

We would like to give all our participants a huge thank you for coming.  Dōmo arigatō gozaimashita

This was also Udagawa-sensei’s final event as a Japan Foundation UK Language Advisor.  Udagawa-sensei, o-tsukare-sama deshita!