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Japanese Language Refresher Courses 2010

From 21st – 30th July, 25 participants took part in the Japanese Language Refresher Courses for Teachers. They visited the Japan Foundation to brush up on their language skills and network with other teachers of Japanese. An advanced course was held in the first week and an intermediate course was held in the second week, in an attempt to cater to as many different levels as possible.

The advanced course focused primarily on keigo and manners/taboos in a typical Japanese workplace. The participants were able to hone their skills through role-plays, quizzes and written activities before finally interviewing a series of mystery guests and reporting their findings back to their classmates.

In the intermediate course the class revised various language points, while also talking about recycling issues and any new ideas they had for tackling the world’s environmental problems. Finally, in small groups, they laid out their manifestos for why they should be elected as ‘mayor’ and had the chance to vote for whoever they considered to be the best candidate.

“I really enjoyed the course”, said Helen Turner, a lecturer at Hertford Regional College. “It was a wonderful opportunity to submerge in Japanese and to meet people in the same situation.”

Christopher Byrne agreed, saying, “It was a very well structured course with two excellent teachers. It featured very clear explanations and use of target language, with enjoyable and engaging activities.”

Thank you very much to everyone who made this year’s courses so successful.