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Annual Grant Programme Results Announced

Arts & Culture

Film Festivals Abroad Support Programme 2010-11

Cinemagic International Children’s Film Festival
Applicant: Cinemagic

Scotland Loves Animation
Applicant: Scotland Loves Animation

Onedotzero – adventures in motion 2010
Applicant: Onedotzero 

Encounters International Short Film Festival
Applicant: Encounters Festival Ltd.

 Zipangu Fest
Applicant: Midnight Eye Screening

Exhibition Abroad Support Program 2010-2011

Grants will be awarded towards the following exhibitions:

New work by Rinko Kawauuchi for the Brighton Biennial 2010
Applicant: Photoworks

Unearthed: figure-making and figure-breaking in ancient Japan and the Balkans
Applicant: Sainsbury Institute for Visual Arts

Tatsumi Orimoto
Applicant: A Foundation

Applicant: Parasol Unit for Contemporary Art

Portraits of the Hibakusha
Applicant: Kingston University

Performing Arts for Europe 2010-11

Applicant: Theatre de complicite

Japanese Studies

Fellowship Programme 2010-11

Long-Term Scholars and Researchers

Dr Mara Patessio, University of Manchester    - Topic of Research: Hasegawa Shigure and Japanese Women’s Modern History

Dr Andrea Germer, University of Newcastle – Topic of Research: Visual Propaganda in Wartime Japan and Germany: Culture, Race and Gender in Comparative Perspective

Short-Term Scholars and Researchers

Dr Roman Matousek, London Metropolitan University – Topic of Research: Banks Efficiency and Monetary Policy Stance in Japan: Lessons for Europe

Prof Fran Lloyd, Kingston University – Topic of Research: Dumb Type: An Art of Intervention

Ms Alice Maude-Roxby, Kingston University – Topic of Research: Bigakko – investigating the impact of radical Japanese artist-teachers since 1969

Intellectual Exchange Conferences 2010-11

Wilton Park – a grant towards the conference: Japan: Increasing its International Role?

University of Oxford – a grant towards the conference: The 20th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

Other Support for Conferences:

British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS)
A grant towards: BAJS Conference 2010 

Organisations in Japanese Studies 2010-11

              Staff Expansion – University of Edinburgh, SOAS (ongoing)

Language Centre

Short-Term Training Programme for Foreign Teachers of the Japanese Language (Summer Course) 2010-11

Roberta Ignirri
Sophie Lane

Japanese-Language Programme for Specialists (Specialists in Cultural and Academic Fields) 2010-11

Paul O'Shea
Amy Walker

SAKURA Core Project 2010-11

The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ)