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Japanese language taster at Roding Valley High School
Students learning about Japan
Students learning about Japan

On 12th June a StepOutNet visit was held at Roding Valley High School, Essex. Memi Kato, a Japanese-speaking volunteer, and Hiroko Tanaka, Language Advisor at the Japan Foundation, went to the school to give the students an introduction to the Japanese language and culture.

They introduced many aspects of life in Japan, including its arts, sports and food, together with its different styles of housing and clothing. They also taught the students about Japanese greetings, counting and the Japanese alphabet.

The students were excited to find out about schools in Japan, particularly the fact that Japanese students eat together in their classrooms and have to clean the school every day!

If you would like to organise a similar visit for your own school, or to register as a volunteer, please see the StepOutNet section of our website or contact