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Book Loan Service Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any online resources and reading materials?

The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai (KC) promotes e-learning materials such as online Japanese courses and Japanese learning websites and apps as part of its support for Japanese- Language learners and develops teaching materials. The teaching materials include reading materials for graded readers at the beginner and intermediate levels of Japanese.

For details of the e-learning platforms, please see here.

KC Yom Yom is a library for extensive Japanese reading at the introductory, beginner and beginner- intermediate levels which are also suitable for children. You can access to KC Yom Yom from here.

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There are also other websites which allow you to download free reading materials in Japanese.

For details, please see here.

I am a teacher of Japanese, and I would like to have a recommendation for textbooks for primary, secondary, A Level students.

We compiled lists of useful publications for teaching primary, secondary and A Level Japanese and most of them are available to loan from our Book Loan Service.

If you would like to have specific recommendations other than the ones listed above or wish to have some advice on teaching materials, you can contact us at

Is there anywhere I can borrow children’s books?

The International Children’s Bunko Association UK (ICBA UK) supports children’s Bunko (mini-library and network of families sharing books) and there are about 30 Bunko in the UK (as of June 2019).

For details, please see here.